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as the world's four largest shoes brands, Saucony is to be held in November 2nd in the New York marathon launched a commemorative color series. "NYC Marathon" series of the brand's three combat shoes: Saucony DXN, Trainer Kinvara 5 and the new Triumph ISO. In terms of color choose black and gray tone, red lining and detail is tie-in, supplemented by green laces and outsole and heel in impose the words "NYC" label to commemorate the identity of the shoes. The series will be held in October 24th in the brand's official website and other designated retailers officially on sale. source: Saucony plastic shoes is the main export commodity in Guangdong area of Jieyang Province, including plastic slippers, sandals, cloth shoes, leather shoes and other varieties, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America countries and regions, some are exported to the United States, the European Union and other countries. Th Cheap foamposites for sale e main problems of found in the inspection, defect affecting the quality of footwear products mainly for the packaging of error code, wrong color, deformation, upper pollution, leather shoes askew suture, or heavy line, broken, uneven thread etc.. The causes of these defects are mainly in the following aspects: one is the production staff of low technical level, poor quality consciousness, new employees without strict training will rush to posts, some of the staff failed to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the production and operation of norms; two is the quality guarantee of enterprise system is not perfect, the production technology is not stable, the production environment and production conditions, strict control of product quality is not; three is the customer order delivery cycle is short or the raw material supply is not timely, resulting in enterprise production cycle control, blindly overtime leads to employee me cheap foamposites ntal fatigue or negligent and unqualified products; four is technology the level of small scale enterprise individual family workshops is low, management lag, staff mobility, technology is not stable, affecting the quality of products. With the continuous release of LeBron 13 spy network recently, shoes fans of this paragraph concerns more strongly, while the GS version also have exposure to. The design is exactly the same female and male models, but in the details with respect to the domineering male slightly, fond of the woman who love shoes may have to pay attention. 1845716eb1b1f0d43b34c8c5eee2fb4c_t.jpg (237.18 KB, download number: 13) download Nike LeBron 13 GS 2015-9-12 23:47 upload 3522d2790c2e6823e72b991de0bfd327_t.jpg (283.95 KB, download number: 15) download Nike LeBron 13 GS 2015-9-12 23:47 upload Nike 00the Lakers "Yang Shaoxia" Nick Yang this season under new coach Luke Wharton tune, a second spring. But under t Retro jordans for sale he present, the same fashion trendsetter inoffensiveness. The day before Yang Shaoxia and an influx of clothing collocation, the popular Yeezy Boost; 350 V2 and the full range of streets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Sneaker of the year, Rihanna x PUMA Creeper new color series on sale soon Maison Margiela launched a new version of Replica Low shoes comments on A: Sneaker Rihanna x PUMA best, Cr Cheap air jordans for sale eeper new color series on sale soon next: Maison Margiela launched a new version of Replica Low shoes when the fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela this will be the recent hot elements "into the" golden flag with uniform shoes as the signature Replica Sneakers inspiration to. On the classic low profile, a combination of two shades of gold and copper reflects the body of the shoe, and the matching of the rubber soles of the logo is more visible. At present, the shoes have been through oki-ni designated shop purchase price of about $520. / Air Jordan 3 Retro crack Shuilan new color design "Powder Blue" Nike SB / year of fate flames shoes Dunk High Premium "Red Pocket" China new shoes don't note comments on A / Air Jordan 3 Retro crack Shuilan new color design a "Powder Blue": Nike SB / year of fate flames shoes Dunk High Premium "Red Pocket" China new shoes don't noteNike Basketball released "The Academy" color 2016-07-26 Cheap foamposites for sale 10:46:34 boots training camp NikeBasketball today once again we brought a group of new color of the boots, the color design is the The Academy basketball camp exclusive color. Shoes are white as the keynote, at the same time, the shoe added a variety of dazzling color modification, so that the overall distribution of the feelings of the previous years, very dynamic oh. At present, there is no information on the sale of shoes exposed, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to the next. 〈br adidas="" y-3="" kyujo="" orange="" red="" low="" launched="" a="" new="" color="" 2016-07-11="" 16:44:13 in front of this Adidas Y-3 Kyujo Low, is another new series of this series. The shoes use orange red throughout the whole body, pure color design highlights the shoes of the hierarchy, as a pair of visual impact shoes, I wonder if all of you want to control it? At present, the shoes are now on sale, interested frien Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ds may wish to pay attention to it. & nbsp; Stan Smith Adidas originals flag, as one of the most classic shoe, quarterly brand will from the color, materials and details for the classic bring brand-new appearance, such as the new color, shoe body with eye-catching "midnight indigo" color, in the heel position is used on high contrast bright orange and add the standard for details. Finally, equipped with white soles, feel very fresh, love bright color of the friends we can be acquired in Titol. (Editor: YOYO) Japanese tide Godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara Hiroshi Fujiwara personal brand fragment design. Every time a horse will result in topics, the union cooperated with Nike SB, skateboarder Nike SB koston one shoe money to join the lightning design details, emitting a strong smell of trend, a black-and-white choice set and also on behalf of Fujiwara Koichinuki taste and characteristics. Priced at $108 dollars. /〉Black Icon series o Cheap jordans online f King Neighborhood, Neighborhood has become the indispensable is a spider web shaped leather, at the same time Black Icon has been inherited before to the position of the side surface of the left, and the left side of the diamond with a major feature of this year is the cloth design, if there is a Fans Jordan 5 AM has not yet officially unveiled, but its new color has been exposed online. five classic theme colors, do you have what you want? [Chinese shoes Network] heart 80 years ago building security 20 century, the Wuhan city center 6-storey building Jing Ming received a letter from the United Kingdom. He wrote the British architectural firm, in 1917 the building design unit. Letter wrote: Even the design of the safety life is 80 years. Now due, please pay attention to the building of security users. Although designed thousands of miles away, and the designer had died that year, but the design of the unit is also thinking about the safety of the building 80 years ago hand over, showing the integrity of one or two years is not a short-term thing, but requires a long time to do so thing. Comment: In business, only by personal spontaneously emphasis on integrity, courage to take responsibility for their own tasks, is not enough, but to establish appropriate systems to ensure that businesses, individuals responsibilities better able to implement it, the responsibility for the integrity of the system through to being, so that long passed along. American Airlines stingy American Airlines always find ways to reduce the cost saving costs, which has become their kind of business culture. On the American Airlines aircraft, in addition to the American Airlines logo red, white and blue stripes, the other not and will not smear paint, which not only reduces the cost of paint, but because they do not paint, the aircraft about 400 pounds lighter, so that each aircraft annual savings of $ 12,000 in fuel costs. Conan Doyle once had his boss on US flights machine is not eating the lettuce is poured into a plastic bag, to the director in charge of machine meals ordered "Reducing weight dinner salad!" After that, he was not satisfied and ordered Remove the supply of a passenger salad with black olives, reducing waste, but also to American Airlines annual reduction of $ 70,000 in expenses. Review: American Airlines is one of the largest US airline, it is also the most profitable airlines, tens of thousands of dollars for the company was minimal, but the people are well aware of the company responsible for "saving at an early age start "the truth. Around us, the price war Hansha everywhere, but many companies will reduce costs implemented it? American Airlines corporate culture worth considering. Adidas: peer with the title Germany Adidas is the world's largest sporting goods company, which produced the Adidas sneakers, indeed no wonder. Adidas sneakers to the world the real opportunity is in the 1936 Games. This year, Adidas gained such a message: American sprinter Owens is the most promising of those who win, Adidas decided to nail the shoes free of charge to the Owens try. As a result, that the games on Owens won four gold medals. A pair of sports shoes unique shape naturally became the focus of attention. After the Olympics, the new Adidas sneakers began selling the world. After , whenever new products come out, Adidas always try to carefully select the athletes and product launch timing. Comment: Adidas shoes now and the championship has produced a definite link, put it seems to mean success, in fact, this necessarily linked from Adidas repeatedly accurately predict the winners of and selection. It seems, to seize the opportunity, bold decisions, "borrowed" athlete brand reputation, would be a good way to success.